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Our Premium CBD Buds are extracted from 100% organic and EU approved industrial hemp. Vanilla Kush is refined and curated carefully to perfection to provide a world-class aroma profile with trichomes and full crystals.

Vanilla Kush has a recognizable and balanced aroma of vanilla. It’s complete with medium-sized flowers and a pleasant scent. This variety is a real challenger, and we are very proud to be able to offer it to you.

✓ Clear elements of vanilla
✓ Moisture regulator is included to achieve perfect durability and flavor
✓ Organic, vegan and GMO-free
✓ All packages contain 2.0g






THC (%)



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About the product
There are buds – and there is Vanilla Kush. Our Premium CBD Buds are developed with a high amount of trichomes and full crystals in mind. A fresh vanilla aroma makes Vanilla Kush an obvious choice for most people. In the bag, you will find medium-sized and somewhat fluffy flowers of a dark green color.

Vanilla Kush has a complex profile of vanilla, often described as almost tropical. This makes Vanilla Kush a safe bet, even for the picky ones. When you open the bag, you are met with a natural, sweet essence. Our Premium CBD Buds only contain natural terpenes, where nothing is added in the manufacturing process or thereafter – a unique characteristic for Natural Hemp Life.

Strong genes
Vanilla Kush is a so-called hybrid, which gives you the best of two worlds. A bodily effect and hopefully a happy smile. It has been curated for a long time to seal in the natural terpenes which sprout during the cultivation phase. We have spent a lot of time and focus to develop a manufacturing process where all the values are held within the applicable laws and regulations, right from the cultivation process. This means that we can be absolutely sure that the Vanilla Kush we deliver to you is 100% legal according to the current regulations. We use independent laboratories who can confirm that our products contain less than 0.2% THC. We inspect flower by flower to ensure that nothing we sell contains twigs, leaves or seeds.

Moisture regulator included
All our Premium CBD Buds are delivered in a resealable bag which is also odor-proof. There’s also a gentle moisture regulator in each bag to ensure that there is a constant moisture content of 62%. The moisture regulator can add and remove moisture. This way, our Premium CBD buds are kept fresh for a very long time.

Supervised manufacturing process
Our products are delivered in the most natural way possible. It is served just as it was farmed. We are unique in the business for adapting our results from when the first seed is sown. Vanilla Kush is farmed on fertile fields far away from trafficked roads and industries that tend to pollute both the air and the water. We have put great effort into finding the right cultivation areas to be able to control the process, from seed to the final product. Other manufacturers regulate the levels afterward by clearing the THC-levels that are not kept to legal values and quality standards. This is compensated by adding isolated CBD or terpenes, which means that the final product is usually of poor quality.


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