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Our Premium CBD Buds are extracted from 100% organic and EU approved industrial hemp. Pineapple Express is refined and curated carefully to perfection to provide a world-class aroma profile with trichomes and full crystals.

Pineapple Express has an aroma of pineapple and underlying notes of caramel. The buds are brown and green in color covered in crystals. Pineapple Express won the 209 Cannabis Cup, where the world’s best buds are crowned.

✓ Clear elements of pineapple and mint
✓ Moisture regulator is included to achieve perfect durability and flavor
✓ Organic, vegan and GMO-free
✓ All packages contain 2.0g






THC (%)



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About the product
A sharp taste of pineapple with underlying notes of caramel and sweet mint make these buds a natural choice of our high-quality CBD Buds range. Pineapple Express is a Sativa-Indica hybrid that is known to be a good fit for most people. Natural Hemp Life’s flowers are compact and have a dark nuance in the trichomes. Every bag contains a unique two-way moisture regulator which guarantees that the hemp contains a moisture level of 62% by adding and absorbing moisture.

Pineapple is a prominent aroma in Pineapple Express. It has undertones of mint and caramel and is an explosion of scents of sweet temptations. Pineapple Express has a high concentration of limonene, which is a terpene highly used for flavoring foods and medications.

Natural farming methods
Our harvest is done by certified farmers and is performed by hand when the flowers are ripe and filled with valuable nutrients and cannabinoids. Our farms undergo certification for organic sustainability each year. Our goal is to be a safe and trustworthy source of organic and natural CBD-flowers. We value the entire process, from seed to the final product, and respect our nature and earth on the way.

Natural manufacturing
Products containing CBD have strictly regulated thanks to the EU. This means that you as a consumer know that you can shop safely and legally from us. Many of the CBD-flowers that are marketed to have a cannabinoid content of 7-15% are often genetically modified, contains synthetic CBD or are illegal. To spray terpenes on afterward is not uncommon, which in turn creates a final product of low quality. We think this is wrong. That is why all our products are 100% natural and free of unnecessary additives and synthetic CBD-levels.


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