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Our Premium CBD Buds are extracted from 100% organic and EU approved industrial hemp. Lemon Haze is refined and curated carefully to perfection to provide a world-class aroma profile with trichomes and full crystals.

Lemon Haze has clear elements of fresh lemon and lime due to the buds’ high concentration of limonene terpene. The taste is much like the scent, which makes these buds to one of the world’s most famous varieties.

✓ Clear elements of lemon and lime
✓ Moisture regulator is included to achieve perfect durability and flavor
✓ Organic, vegan and GMO-free
✓ All packages contain 2.0g






THC (%)



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About the product
Lemon Haze has a distinct citrus-like scent which is hard to miss. It’s fresh, uplifting and tart, which makes Lemon Haze a favorite for most people. The strain has been winning prizes for many years in international competitions. We have developed and refined our cultivation methods for a long time to be able to offer flowers of the highest quality without affecting the chemical balance. We are genuinely proud of having Lemon Haze in our assortment.

As the name implies, Lemon Haze has a clear scent of lemon and lime. The scent comes from the natural terpenes which have developed through slow and careful cultivation. We put great effort into the curation so that all the scent is contained in the final product. This strain has a high concentration of limonene, which is the same terpene that can be found in lemon and orange. Medications can often use limonene as a flavoring, which makes Lemon Haze a natural and safe product for you to use. Twigs, seeds, and leaves are removed to give you a world-class, premium experience.

Guaranteed content
We have a passion for untouched nature and innovative technology, with which we ensure that all our products follow the applicable laws and regulations. All products go through extensive tests made by third-part laboratories, which ensures that the THC-level in the product does not exceed 0.2%. The genes in the Lemon Haze comes from a hybrid of Sativa-Indica. All flowers in Natural Hemp Life’s assortment have a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes and are made from EU-approved industrial hemp. This strain is completely free of genetically modified organisms (GMO). You will also find a moisture regulator in the bag, which guarantees that the moisture level is always at 62%.

A series of products which you can feel completely safe with
All our products are 100% legal, which means that you can feel safe. You will find a batch number on the packaging which is unique for the manufacturing series at that time. We take the entire manufacturing process very seriously. This is also the reason why all our lab reports are performed by independent third parties.


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