Golden Hemp 100 capsules, 300 mg cannabinoids


Golden Hemp is a mixture of powdered hemp flowers and Indian the folowing spices: Turmeric, Ginger and Black pepper, which is the ingredients used in gold milk!
Ingredients per capsule (400 mg):

Turmeric, hemp, ginger and black pepper, of which 3.4 mg cannabinoids
Terpenes and other natural ingredients found in the hemp plant

The combination of “gold milk” and Swedish hemp gives a synergistic effect!


THC (%)



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Recommended daily dose: 1-8 capsules daily

Content per daily dose
1 capsule
8 capsules
Black pepper
160 mg
80 mg
40 mg
120 mg
1280 mg
640 mg
320 mg
800 mg
of which cannabinoids
3,4 mg
27 mg

One capsule contains about 3 mg of cannabinoids. Start with half a capsule (the capsule can be divided). Then you can increase to the recommended daily dose.


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