CBD Hemp Oil 15%


This is the strongest CBD oil in our range that gives you a lot of CBD and other cannabinoids per drop, which makes for a simple and above all, very effective experience.

Our CBD oil With 15% is a perfect CBD oil for those who prefer a naturally high level of CBD, or for those who have previously used CBD and prefer a highly concentrated CBD oil.

✓ 1500mg full spectrum cannabinoids
✓ Suitable for those who want a lot of CBD
✓ The most bioavailable CBD extract in Europe
✓ Zero additives


CBD (%)


THC (%)



10 ml


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About the product
Our CBD oil contains a total of 1500mg easily absorbed CBD and a full range of other beneficial cannabinoids. In the production of our product, our unique CBD extract is used which takes advantage of the hemp’s full range of cannabinoids. Research suggests that cannabinoids work more efficiently and more powerfully in synergy, which is why our CBD oil contains the full spectrum of hemp. In addition, our CBD oil does not contain less tasty chlorophyll, which gives our CBD oil a slightly nutty taste. What does this mean for you as a customer? More CBD and other cannabinoids for money simply!

Compared to other products on the market content spirit pure CBD isolates, we use a full spectrum extract that makes use of hemp full range of cannabinoids. This may seem obvious, but unfortunately, there are many companies in the market that market CBD products based on cheap CBD isolate.

Guaranteed content
As a customer, you should always be able to feel completely confident that the actual contents of the bottle correspond to what is stated on the bottle. Using our unique and patented extraction method, the hemp’s full spectrum of cannabinoids is preserved, while through several gentle processes we completely extract all THC. Whether you choose to use our CBD oil or any other product in our catalog, you can be assured that all our products are 100% free of THC.

Our hemp is organic and natural
The hemp we grow is always picked by hand in the Alps, where the plant is not harvested until it has reached full maturity and thus is rich in all valuable nutrients. This method guarantees the good taste and reliable effect of our CBD oil. Our hemp is grown without unnecessary additives and is produced specifically for our CBD products. We have chosen to use coconut oil with 100% MCT fatty acids as a carrier, which guarantees a product of the highest standard. Natural Hemp Life CBD products are manufactured and manufactured in one of Europe’s best CBD manufacturing facilities. The facility possesses all the ISO certificates for cleanliness, environmental awareness, sustainability, environment and also energy efficiency – all to develop products of very high quality.

Content per daily dose:  1 drop  8 drops
CBD extract 7.5 mg 60 mg
Cannabinoids 7.5 mg 60 mg
Terpenes 0.0 mg 0.0 mg

Product information:
Volume: 10 ml (1 bottle of 10 ml)
Number of drops: About 300
Percent of cannabinoids: 15%
Total amount of cannabinoids: 1500 mg
THC content: THC-Free
Extraction method: Supercritical CO2 extraction
Ingredients: MCT oil, hemp extract (Cannabis sativa L)


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