CBD Capsules 60pcs 600mg


Our CBD capsules contain raw hemp flowers that have been ground down to a fine powder and encapsulated in a high-quality vegan capsule. The capsules are excellent for those who do not like the taste of CBD or want a product that is easy to handle while traveling. The capsules do not give off-flavor and are very easy to dispense.

✓ 10mg full spectrum cannabinoids per capsule
✓ Untreated & organic hemp (RAW)
✓ Vegan capsule
✓ No additives


THC (%)



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Why our capsules?
It can probably not get easier than this! CBD Capsules can be a more convenient way to get into CBD if you think that pipette bottles are heavily dispensed, sticky to handle or hard to use when you are out and about. You just open the bag, pick up a capsule and swallow with any drink. The capsules contain our organic hemp which has been ground down to a fine powder and then packaged in a vegan capsule. Unlike other CBD capsules on the market that are broken down by hydrochloric acid in the stomach, our capsules are not broken down, which gives the capsules very high uptake. In addition, our capsules are completely free of preservatives and other additives.

Organic growth in the Alps
Natural Hemp Life CBD products are made from organic and natural hemp, which is refined and cultivated in the Alps without any unnatural additives. In the Alps, the hemp plant is handpicked when it is ready and full of nutrients and nutrients, which gives our CBD capsules their extra powerful effect. Hemp is grown with care specifically for our CBD products. All of our products are produced and manufactured in a facility that holds all ISO certificates for sustainability, environmental awareness, work environment, cleanliness, and energy efficiency. The plant is also one of the best facilities in Europe for the manufacture of CBD products. This ensures that our products are manufactured using high quality and safe methods.

1-3 capsules can be distributed throughout the day.

Of course, you can contact us if you have any questions. We help you more than happy. Don’t hesitate, we are available on our live chat that you find at the bottom right corner.

Product information:
Number of capsules: 60 pcs
Cannabinoids per capsule: 10mg
1 CBD Capsule: = 4 ~ drops of CBD Oil
Total amount of cannabinoids: 500 mg
THC content: Less than 0.2%
Extraction method: Untreated (RAW)
Ingredients: Industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa L) Vegetable capsule: Rice Starch


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