CBD Aqua Drops 5%


Vår vattenlösliga CBD kombinerar superenkel dosering och hög biotillgänglighet. Våra kroppar består till majoritet av vatten. Genom att inta vår vattenlösliga CBD absorberar kroppen CBD:n upp till 90% effektivare och bredare jämfört med andra oljor.

Dosera önskad mängd droppar i valfri vätska, skaka om och njut eller förvara i kylskåp för lämpligt tillfälle. Testa gärna med kaffe, juice eller vatten.

✓ Kroppen tar upp ca 90 procent av innehållet jämfört med olja – valuta för varenda droppe
✓ Vattenlöslig för maximal spridning och upptagning. Blandas ut med valfri  varm eller kall vätska.
✓ Ekologisk, vegansk och helt THC-fri
✓ Inga tillsatser


CBD (%)


THC (%)



10 ml


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Our CBD Aqua Drops CBD facilitates the body to actively absorb the CBD. As our bodies largely consist of water, your body can absorb our water-soluble product up to 90% more efficiently than regular CBD products. Water-soluble CBD is not degraded by the body, unlike ordinary CBD oils, making this product more effective. The product is 100% organic and is completely free of additives.

Guaranteed natural and organic
Our hemp is grown naturally without additives, hand-picked in the Alps when the plant has reached its full potential and is filled with important cannabinoids and terpenes. The hemp plant is specially grown for our products and is always organic. Our method provides a CBD product with a gentle, yet strong effect. The product carrier consists of natural esters. All CBD products at Natural Hemp Life are manufactured in one of Europe’s best facilities, where the process is of an extremely good standard. The facility holds ISO certificates for good sustainability, energy efficiency, environmental awareness, cleanliness and work environment.

Dosage the desired number of drops in 50 cl of water or any other type of liquid, preferably a water bottle. Shake for 10-15 seconds. Drink directly or store in the refrigerator for the appropriate occasion.

Recommended daily dose: 1-24 drops, can be distributed throughout the day.
Of course, you can contact us if you have any questions. We help you more than happy. Don’t hesitate, we are available on our live chat that you find at the bottom right corner

Content per daily dose:  1 drop  24 drops
CBD extract 3.8 mg 91 mg
Cannabinoids 2.2 mg 52.8 mg
Terpenes 0.0 mg 0.0 mg

Product information:
10 ml (1 bottle of 10 ml)
Number of drops: About 300
Percent of cannabinoids: 5%
Total amount of cannabinoids:
500 mg
THC content:
Extraction method: Supercritical CO2 extraction
95% chemically pure ethyl alcohol, hemp extract (Cannabis sativa L)


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