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Our Premium CBD Buds are extracted from 100% organic and EU-approved industrial hemp. Strawberry Diesel is carefully refined and curated to perfection to provide a world-class aroma profile with trichomes and full crystals.

Strawberry Diesel is part of a new generation of CBD rich hemp flowers that have a naturally high concentration of CBD. They are trimmed to perfection with a sweet and fruity aroma, which makes this a high-quality strain.

✓ Clear aroma of sweet berries
✓ Moisture regulator is included to achieve perfect durability and flavor
✓ Organic, vegan and GMO-free
✓ All packages contain 2.0g






THC (%)



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About the product
Strawberry Diesel is an obvious choice due to its CBD-rich flowers. The scent is mainly distinguished by its rich strawberry sweetness and uncompromised lingering notes – a complex scent that exceeds expectations. The buds are entirely free of leaves and sticks. These Premium CBD Buds are delivered in handy and resealable bags of 2 grams that allow for a long-lasting experience.

No chemicals are added before, during or after the manufacturing, which makes this and other CBD Buds in our range entirely organic. We only use GMO-free seeds, which means that we can always guarantee the results. Our certified farmers grow the hemp in nutritious soil on fields which we have carefully selected based on their location. The curation is an important part of the cultivation phase and that is what gives our flowers their rich aroma. Some manufacturers tend to add terpenes afterward to compensate for the low level of terpenes, but we think that’s wrong. That is why our CBD Buds only contain natural terpenes which have developed through careful and gentle curation.


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